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Website Optimisation

All websites are not created equal.

It's obviously vital to do the basics, to make sure your website looks professional, is well written, all functions correctly and has great graphics.

However if you want google to rank you highly, and for people to visit, to stay and to buy your products and services then there is a lot more going on than that.

  • Your website needs to load fast - try googles speed test here on your current website
  • You need to ensure you use hidden code that contains information about your products and pages that Google uses to index them in search results, test your pages here:
  • You need to submit sitemaps to Google and other search engines to make sure they crawl your site regularly and efficiently
  • You need to perform regular A/B and variant testing of your product pages to make sure that they have the right content and buttons for people to buy
  • You need to configure digital analytical data and develop KPI's and automated reports to make sure you are always growing your traffic, and sales.

We do all this and so much more - so you don't have to. Get in touch today!