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Why dont you get more leads from your website?

Why dont you get more leads from your website?

How is your website performing, how many leads or sales do you get every month? Is performance improving - most successful website owners can tell you this and much more. If you are struggling then read on..

Here is our 3 point plan to achieve website success:

1. Know your visitor numbers: If you have google analytics deployed and you know how it works then login, on the left hand menu navigate to 'acquisition' then to 'source / medium'. You will see for this month how many visitors you have from each source (e.g. SEO, Adwords, facebook direct). Next change the 'dates' the report is run against (in the top RHS of the screen) to compare this and last month. How much did it improve? what is your aim for next month?

2. Know your conversions. Next, and on the same page as above, to the RHS of the grid listing the number of visitors look in the column marked goals, click the select button and choose' all goals'. Then see how many visitors from each source actually made contact or bought something from you (if you dont have goals set up then do it, asap -> no sense spending time getting more visitors from a social channel if nobody buys anything).

3. Experiment to improv e: Get your webdev to deploy google optimise or Optimizely on your website so you can try to change parts of your website (only for traffic from a particular source), e.g change the button size and colour, remove unnecessary fields from your contact form, change your images or remove whole pages. At the end on the month you will be able to work out what combination of changes delivers the best increase in conversions. Then do the same for your adverts on Google and Social - to see what works best.

Got this far ? Thats awesome. Then note your KPIS for the last month and repeat, adding more pages, and run more experiments and more ads. 

Struggling ? Give us a call and let us help with the gaps.

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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