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Responsive Design

2015 was another fast paced year for retail. Online shopping continues to dominate the thoughts (and investments) of many traditional retailers....   Indeed Zarex upgraded far more ecommerce webs..
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Press Release for new Internet of Things Platform development

Locally owned Digital Marketing and Development Agency Zarex Limited announced today that it is investing in the development of a local platform to power one of the worlds FASTEST GROWING TECHNOLOGY SEGMENTS - the INTERNET OF THINGS.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely expected to be one of the largest sectors of the global economy. In June 2015 McKinsey predicted the value of the market could reach as much as *$11 Trillion per year in 2025*, a significant portion of the total global economy.

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wordpress adds 40,000 websites a day

Wordpress powers nearly a quarter of all websites..Zarex offers full design, development, hosting and support.,,

Responsive design is crucial to any business website, it affects search engine rankings, traffic, user experience and even your brand...

Adapt to Micromoments - or give away another $$ revenue opportunities
80% of your customers are browsing your website differently to before. Google calls the new way 'micromoments'. Optimise your website to meet the needs of your potential customers and benefit $$ from the opportunity.
PetDoorsRUs new Shopping Site goes live

PetdoorsRUs is investing a lot of time in making sure their customers get the best experience and advice when they choose and install their new pet door. Their new website is optimised to browsing on any device and has tons of helpful information in a variety of formats!

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Confirmation that Mobile search has overtaken that of desktops and tablets
In some parts of the world, there are now more Google search queries on smartphones than on desktop computers and tablets. This week, Google's Jerry Dischler wrote in a post on the official AdWords bl..
NZ Herald: Non mobile-friendly sites face Google bump - Holly Ryan
Thousands of New Zealand businesses could have their websites bumped down Google's search rankings if they have not met the requirements for mobile from today. However, tech commentator Peter Griffin ..
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