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Responsive website design is critical for any business website. because since 2014 most of your customers experience websites on  mobile devices.

The most important benefits of a responsive designed website include

More traffic from search engines

Search engine rank websites based on thousands of attributes, amongst the most important of these are thought to be 

  • Bounce rate:  So if users access your site on a mobile device and leave because they cannot read or navigate easily, you website demoted in results
  • Responsiveness: Try Googles 'mobile friendly' test on your website. If you get a poor results then it is likely you are performing poorly on mobile search results.
Higher Conversion rate

Your prospects have CHOICE, there are literally trillions of web pages available to surf, and thousands of competitors in every sector.

If your website is hard to read, hard to navigate and the content is hard to understand on a mobile device then users can find a better website with one back click and in under a second. That is all it takes to lose their business.

Improved brand positioning   

Your website is where most people meet and stay up to date with your business, a good experience triggers a positive emotional connection, a poor one....

To learn more and find out how to transition to a responsive website, click here and get in touch with us.

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.


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