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Adapt to Micromoments - or give away another $$ revenue opportunities

How do you use the internet today compared with a year ago?

If you are anything like 80% of your fellow humans it is very differently. this is because we can now get answers to any problems on our phones immediately, from anywhere:

- I need to find a replacement for my just broken xxxx (replace with your product or service)

- Where is the nearest YYY (replace with your shop or business)

- How do I do a ZZZ (replace with a service you can provide)

- I want a number and offerings to buy a AAA (getting the message?)

Further the shift is also toward voice - how many of your customers commute and use the time stuck in traffic online ?

If you want to optimise your online offering to match the needs of the people that could buy from you - click here and get touch with Zarex!

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Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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