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Are you missing out on business - get listed on Google My Business for FREE

You would be amazed at how many local businesses we approach who are not taking advantage of free exposure on Google My Business.

  • Not only is it FREE but it represents a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to get listed on Google Map and search results, and includes a a user friendly interface and option to use simple interface for basic website analytics and more.
  • The image on this blog is of Lil Lukas listing, a growing dog walking business with a great story and continually improving web presence. 
  • Get yourself listed today - click to GoogleMy business here.

If you want help with this, or to learn more about how to get more business online.

Tip: listings with reviews and images get more clicks!

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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