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How to create an Online Course - Part 1

How to create an Online Course - Part 1

Are you a Subject Matter Expert, perhaps in fitness, a sport, your career or a passionate hobby. If so you probably want to shout you tips from the rooftops and help others who are trying to make it and at an earlier stage of progression, or new to the topic. Though for you to get their interest and perhaps even get people t sign up to a course so you can generate income from your knowledge is much harder. And to build engaging and professional resources to share on you tube, an online education system or website is also a hard skill to acquire.

The real key to creating an engaging and successful online course can be summed up in simple 10 steps

  1. Write down who is you target audience is for each course.
  2. Document exactly what knowledge or skill the course will teach them, what they will be able to do or know at the end that they didnt at the start
  3. Think about the value of the course to the student, why would they take your course instead of others on the internet
  4. Break the course into a minimum of 10 logical and simple parts, each taking no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to explain
  5. Work out you best medium, and why. video, words, audio, images - or ideally a blend of all
  6. Write scripts, text and create images. Document them and reread them - removing any parts that do not add value or are to the point
  7. List questions to ask the attendee at the end of each section, to reinforce the knowledge, and make sure its easy for the student to access the content again if they have not retained the knowledge
  8. Select an online platform  such as ours - that will let you load the content in a simple way, that is user friendly and adds value by surrounding the content with engaging features and capabilites
  9. List the ways to market your course, both on and offline. Find out where your students are looking, their search terms and how to reach them.
  10. Experiment continually with your marketing and your content. Find out what terminology and teaching methods work best and continually rebuild your courses and content to make them increasingly useful and compelling.
And most of all have fun!

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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