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FB Pixel, Tag Manager, Analytics..... understanding the new digital world

Ten years ago to do business on the internet we needed a basic website and a friend who knew a bit about SEO.....  five years ago we  could throw some adwords in the mix and still get great outcomes....  but today a lot of businesses are struggling with an ever increasing number of new social platforms, advertising options and where and how to spend their money.

The key change is the increased competition for traffic - and thus greater cost to get a new customer to your website, and then the cost to convert them to a customer, and then to retain them.

So today...  you can be a big player online unless you understand your metrics... that is you need to know your acquisition cost,your conversion cost and your costs to retain customers online. And then you need to track these and have kpi's that motivate your team to relentlessly improve on them. 

In order to measure these outcomes there are a multitude of tools, many free...  available to you. Some of the most common visitor Tracking Tools are 'Facebook Pixel' and 'Google Analytics' and 'Google Webmaster Console'....   which provide meaningful and plentiful data on where yuor visitors originate, their demographics, path to convert (or not) and the actions of your repeat visitors.

Along with these it is vital to deploy and manage tools like Mailchimp 360 (for email marketing), Hootsuite (social platform), Optimisely (for basic personalisation), personalyse...  and many more...  which compliment each other an can be integrated future to provide a wholistic view of your digital world...

Then we get to Google Tag manager...  which if you followed this post and the likely complexity of integrating all these tools and more with your website..  is desiged to provide you with a way to deploy and manage all the triggers and integration points on your website that you need to capture good data.june 

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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Winning traffic to a website or shopping cart is getting costly. Google is Monetising more and more of the first results page, facebook is also looking for return for its investors via paid adverts....   and so we need to get smarter about how we spend our money and how we convert and monetise traffic.

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