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FIVE EASY TO IMPLEMENT eCommerce website personalisation and conversion tips

Customers increasingly have less time to spend buying from you and will respect anyone site/retailer goes out of their way to personalize or simplify an experience for them.

Most eCommerce websites support the following functions for a very low spend (few hundred dollars normally) and have a MASSIVE impact on conversions and retention.

1. Automatically detect the location of your visitor and change the language and currency of your website to match

2. Make sure you are using cookies and session data to ensure your customer can come and go from your website without losing their cart or login status etc

3. Ensure you make use of RELATED products or PRODUCTS OTHER CUSTOMERS BOUGHT/VIEWED with this one. Especially if there are close alternatives to the product the customer is viewing, or accessories that they may benefit from....   you can even build kits and load multiple products at once with all the accessories to make it super easy.

4. Have multiple payment options in your checkout - from PoliPay (internet banking transfer), to Paypal and DPS - customers often have a preference already...  and people dont like change or the time to set up, build trust in or learn a new way to pay.

5. Login from Facebook - Make sure new and existing customers dont have spend ages remembering their password, or typing in  information that they have alreaddy had to type elsewhere if they are logged into facebook simply transfer the data and set up an account for them. (you do need to build rapid trust for this - but thats another post!)

If you want to learn more - get in touch. We offer free, no obligation meetings in Auckland and skype sessions beyond. We love eCommerce, loyalty and helping businesses grow.

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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