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Sales Pipeline Management 101 - how to sell more in a digital age

Today we were talking to a prospective customer who was complaining about how complicated and expensive digital marketing is today. Specifically he was upset about how hard it is to justify spending more money on something so intangible.

Fortunately we were able to solve his problem the same way most marketing and sales pipeline issues are solved - by implementing a process that measured his digital marketing outcomes across all his key prospect touch points - and believe it or not doing that actually far more achievable today than ever before.

Some of the key data that should be readily available to you - if you want to win more leads and sales online include;

  • How many people are searching for what you sell - on Google, Social Media and in App Stores?
  • How many of those people see your advert, and how many click on it?
  • How many stay on your web site and engage and why do they leave?
  • How many send an email, call and then meet or buy from you?

And the granularity is so detailed that you can start to understand everything else that happened on a successful journey (what blog posts were read, which were liked... for how long and what email newsletters were opened...  ). And conversely what steps of the process didnt convert

Once you have the data...  you spot the part of the process that needs attention and simply develop and test alternatives til it does.

Remember - in the new world everything your prospects do leaves a digital footprint. You just need to capture the data in the right way, analyse it, and use it to improve your selling process. Which typically makes the buying process better for prospects.

For us the marketing-sales pipeline never changed...  it needed a bit of technology so we can start to understand it better .

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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Winning traffic to a website or shopping cart is getting costly. Google is Monetising more and more of the first results page, facebook is also looking for return for its investors via paid adverts....   and so we need to get smarter about how we spend our money and how we convert and monetise traffic.

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