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Why will 2016 be the year loyalty cards go virtual?

If you hate carting around a wallet bulging with half stamped coffee cards, store cards, credit cards and cash....  and it weighing down the pocket that doesnt carry your smart phone.. then its nearly time to rejoice. The technology you need to empty the "wallet pocket" is here.

The banks are close to rolling out their smart banking and credit card apps, and at the same time Loyalty apps are maturing and will become commonplace. Stores and businesses that lead the charge to deploy a useful app on the phone of their customer will reap the rewards as they will be able to market, engage and understand their customers much better than their competition. They will be trying and learning how best to leverage basic features and advanced personalisation/gamification ideas..., and the really smart ones... will use that power to get their loyal, app-using customers to help them to get their apps and message to the customers of their competitors the ones that lag behind.

Remember back when only a few companies had websites, and we didnt even know the word 'SEO'.....  its very likely where we are now, with apps.

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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Most of us have an omni-channel presence covering the web, social media and search engines. But things are shifting, as research shows lots of our prospects are starting to prefer the power of apps.

How a businesses measures customer loyalty used to be measured by 'customer satisfaction surveys' or 'average lifetime value' - tell that to a taxi driver who has to compete with Uber, or a traditional motel wondering what to do about 'AirBnB'...... 

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