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Why small retailers need an Loyalty App

As the next generation ages, the  loyalty of your average customer is on the decline.

Furthermore and as the graph e shows, (thanks to consumers habits are shifting. Just as there has been a trend from desktop browsing to phones so their is a shift from browsers to apps.

Three KEY Reasons you need an App:

1. Your customers want one. As the graph shows, people like using apps. And we need to make the our customers experience better than our competitors. Simple

2. Apps offer more to your customers than websites. Apps take advantage of smartphone functionality, making your customers life easier from geofencing (pushing offers to customers within a defined distance of your store) to ecommerce site integration you can do things with an app that you cannot with a website.

3. Push notifications get you ahead of the competition. The battle is on for your customers time and focus. If you are 'on the phone' your messages get more attention than emails and marketing posts.

We have a range of apps, preconfigured for specific industries from cafes, to salons to shops. To learn more please get in touch today!

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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