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How bricks and mortar retails can leverage technology in 2016

2015 was another fast paced year for retail. Online shopping continues to dominate the thoughts (and investments) of many traditional retailers....  

Indeed Zarex upgraded far more ecommerce websites to be responsive and personalisable than we built new sites  - a trend that continues to gather momentum. And this was  with good reason - as the uptake of smartphones, and their increased use in everyday life by consumers is increasing daily.

2016 does not promise to give us time to breath as retailers are piloting their own smartphone apps and deploying ibeacons, looking ahead to Loyalty 3.0 and working out how to cater for the long awaited smartphone-wallets. And as if that wasnt enough - as competition for traffic increases most retailers are investing heavily in paid facebook and google advertising and some already embracing the new wave of programmatic...  where booking online (and offline) advertising is increasingly automated.

At Zarex we believe the three key technologies to watch and learn will be:

- The growth of retailer specific loyalty apps and better use of loyalty data to drive personalised campaigns and messages (Loyalty 3.0)

- The rapid deployment of iBeacons and similar technology to better serve our lotyal customers, to understand our their journey and needs.

- Programmatic buying of online advertising..

Please get in touch to learn more...

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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