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Why Analytics is mandatory for ecommerce and website success

Traditionally sales has always been done the same way. 

It all starts by finding potential customers: for a shop it is about getting a percentage of local foot traffic, for a sales team it might be how many appointments they closed cold calling and for a mail order business its about how many responses to each mailshot.

In the world of the internet the game is the same, to date it has been about driving as much traffic to your website as you can from SEO, TV, trade shows, blog posts and more. 

As the internet evolves the competition for traffic intensifies, the cost of gaining traffic has risen - Google is monetising more and more of search, SEO is more and more costly as the number of first page spaces we chase is getting smaller (squeezed out by paid adverts), the number of local search adverts per page has diminished. Facebook and the rest of the social media pack are similarly monetising their advertising ....  and as the giants look for more and more money. The need to be smart online grows stronger.

The key to success is better understanding what traffic is your best traffic. Where it comes from, why it comes, how to convert more of the traffic to money, how to get more of the same traffic at the lowest cost and how to maximise the lifetime value of each customer you acquire and generate lwo cost referrals to their networks - to maximise your return on your marketing investment

To achieve that - you guessed it - you need to get very good at recording and analysing data. Both on and offline. you will be surpised at what you find...

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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