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Local online SEO and search opportunities in the East Coast Bays on Aucklands North Shore

First Installment: Online lead generation on Aucklands North Shore

This is the first installment of our lead generation series for North Shore Businesses.

  • From Devonport to Browns Bay, including the lifestyle suburbs of Takapuna, milford and Campbells bay there are hundreds of small businesses just like yours.
  • Increasingly we all operate in fast moving, competitive markets whether it be a cafe or a restaurant to a real estate agent gardener, plumber, roofer or a dog walker.
  • We work with these local businesses every day, spending time to understand what is great about their business, where they want to improve and the owners visions for the future. And formulating strategies to get them found and engage prospective customers.
From this work, the best way to generate leads online is to follow a simple process, outlined below.

The five Key stages to get found online on Aucklands  North Shore

1. Find out who is looking for your product, and where.

The key is to understand the number of people that are seeking your specific product and service, think about the stages they go through and then map this to the local demographics. We can run searches and let you know exactly who is typing what, and what locations. For example - Italian food reviews Takapuna, or Holden specialist garage in Milford. Consult experts if needed,

2. Study your local competition

Do some searching as a customer would, find out who is strong in which media and for which stages of the sales process are they focused..  where is the gaps, think innovation and how you can differentiate with each buying phase or media. 

3. Develop a strategy for the niche you have identified

Work out what you need to change, what content to develop and how to go to market - for example if you are a website designer maybe a website page or you tube channel dedicated to Takapuna Pet Websites, a Browns Bay beach fitness class...  or Takapuna copywriting training.

Then how you will advertise - Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords, Google My Business, Facebook or remarketing. Again spotting gaps which are not yet competitive!

4. Create an execuation plan

Trying to do everything all at once never works. Instead  be realistic and plan to do one thing at a time, aim to cross just a few things off your list every week. With a deadline. As with all projects find someone to make yourself accountable to.

5. Measure the outcomes and continually improve your campaign.

Google provides awesome tools for this, for free that can be configured to send you a weekly report on website traffic, website visitors sources, pages visited, conversions to sales leads, phone  calls and even tracking your newsletters and social media referrals.

You can adapt this to track local searches specifically such as adword clicks on 'Takapuna website designers' or 'Campbells bay garages' and how many convert.

The key is to stay focussed, keep things simple have a plan and track your outcomes and dont expect to take over the world in a week... give it time.

If you want a free chat or to bounce ideas off someone - give us a call.

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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