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Four Key Changes in Website Development affecting Small Businesses in Auckland

Todays business owners and their teams are so busy with operating their business understanding the nuts and bolts of technology is far out of reach. owever - even without knowing a 'bit from its byte' you should try to follow the key changes:

1. Websites need to be ever more responsive.

There has been a lot of press around Googles focus on 'responsive' and 'mobile friendly website design in 2015.

Even that they will demote search results if the website is not adequately 'mobile friendly'. This means (in order to rank highly in search results) your website needs to adapt to the size and controls of the device that is viewing. The reason is so that (if traffic is sent to your site by a search engine), the user has a great experience and trusts the search engine not to send it to a website where the text is small, or content is off the screen etc.

The future - to rank fast and to engage your visitors - will involve more and more adaption...  think smart watches, special adaptation to suit specific smartphone features, think less text on a page for a smart phone than for a digital TV.  

2. Website speed - make sure your website loads fast

Google (and your prospects) are intolerant of websites that waste peoples valuable time.

Check out this free testing tool they provide and see how fast your website loads .

Any website developer should be making sure they are nailing a great loading time for both mobile devices and for computers....    making sure your visitors have a great brand experience and engage so you can sell them more. And so Google and Bing are more likely to send more traffic your way!

3. Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engines are getting smarter...   as well as the text on your page the developers in Silicon Valley are looking to website owners to embed smarter code so they can tell more about your website as they scan - send your developer a link to and make sure your products, videos and events are tagged in your code and getting the free exposure on search engines they deserve!

4. Website conversion analysis should be part of your Adwords and SEO strategy

Google Analytics is getting SMARTER.  For  free tool its mandatory to know more about it!

As a minimum you should be receiving a weekly management report telling you how much traffic you got to your website - where from, which pages were visited and whether they engaged with your business.

Your bigger competitors go further - by sending Google anonymous data from their CRM, online store, POS system, store beacons and more they can track visitor patterns that tell them what is a profitable customer, what touch points are most effective, whether newsletters and social media help and much more.

Getting the basics going is affordable and mandatory - if you don't know what marketing generates the most profitable customers, fastest..  you better hope your competition aren't finding out.

Contact Zarex - let us work with your website partners to get you going!

Posted by Simon Fortescue

Simon is passionate about helping businesses leverage technology to outstrip industry growth norms.

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