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Ecommerce Website Developers

We are an offical NZ partner for the worlds best eCommerce platform - Opencart.

With millions of downloads and no limits on how you can customise, market and innovate with it. Opencart is your pathway to online success.

We are software developers, conversion specialists and online marketers. With detailed knowledge of development, SEO, Analytics, Adwords, PHP, Conversion analysis and more.

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Membership Websites

If you are looking for a membership website or App for your business, club or coaching business then we want to help.

We have a long list of references and examples of awesome solutions we have built for a range of organisations in business, sport and eCommerce.

Our solutions are stand alone, or fully integrate with Opencart, the worlds best eCommerce engine

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Digital marketing

We are are accredited and experienced digital marketers, we help you to craft and execute a strategy to generate decent levels of online traffic at an affordable cost.

To help generate the right traffic we have expertise and many references in Adwords, SEO, Facebook marketing, remarketing, LinkedIn Marketing and Afiliate Marketing.

We combine this with experience and skills for onsite conversion optimisation including use of Optimizely, Optimiser, Analytics, Tag Manager and custom development of websites to personalise content based on historical customer browsing and transactional data.

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Are you a Subject Matter Expert, perhaps in fitness, a sport, your career or a passionate hobby. If so you probably want to shout you tips from the rooftops and help others who are trying to make it a..
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Zarex is a leading provider of eCommerce and Search Engine Marketing in New Zealand and we recommend Opencart as the engine to power your eCommerce system.Opencart is Opensource, is a global platform ..

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